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Seeking the Welfare of the City of Dallas since 1857—Jeremiah 29:7

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Title of Dean's Column
December 28 Looking Back and Looking Forward
December 21 Breaking Out of the Ordinary
December 14 Do You Believe He Will Really Come?
November 23 The Feast of Christ the King—Really?
November 16 The Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh Away
November 9 No Success without Sacrifice
November 2 Buy, Sell, or Trade
October 26 The Real Deal?
October 19 "Brighten the Corner Where you Are"
October 12 People in Exile
October 5 Humility Comes through Humiliation
September 28 Was She Counting . . .or Praying?
September 21 St. Matthew's Day
September 14 Attaboy
September 7 Really Fulfilling the Law
August 31 Morning Prayer was Boring
August 24 Preparing our Children for School
August 17 Reflections on the Death of Robin Williams
August 10 Hosts, Hostesses and Guests
August 3 What’s at the Bottom of your Soul?
June 22 Gratitude
April 20 Introduction to Easter Sermon Series
April 13 Disturb Us, O Lord
March 23 Where Did Satan Go?
March 16 Filled and Slapped
March 9 The Whole Is Greater Than the Sum Of Its Parts
March 2 Are you Ready to Live . . . Are you Ready to Die?
February 23 Now We're Going to Teach You about Grace
February 16 Think Straight, Feel Great! (Blecch!)
February 2 Gratitude
January 26 Annual Parish Meeting
January 19 Doesn't Everybody?
January 12 b Attitude Check: The Little Engine that Could
January 12 1 or 2 Rather Than 6 or 7
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