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Seeking the Welfare of the City of Dallas since 1857—Jeremiah 29:7


Aberg Center for Literacy

The mission of the Aberg Center is to provide free quality instruction on literacy levels 5 through 8 to adults in the East Dallas area, accompanied by free child care, so that the students may continue progress toward employment and educational goals, including preparing for the GED test.

The Aberg Center, founded at St. Matthew's Cathedral by Charles Aberg in 2002, is an example of Charles’ life-long determination to make the world a better place for others. An active member of St. Matthews Cathedral, Charles learned that many members of the church’s large Hispanic congregation wanted more than basic English as a second language (ESL) training. They were interested in improving their English and gaining skills that would enable them to lead productive lives in the English-speaking world. Until his life ended in April of 2005, one month shy of his 87th birthday, Charles was untiring in his commitment to ensure that the Aberg Center fulfilled his mission. He accomplished that, and more, with a program that has become a fitting legacy to his commitment to helping others help themselves. For more information about the Aberg Center, please call 214-826-6501 or visit their website at

Country Fair

The Country Fair is the resale shop located in the undercroft (basement) of the Cathedral. Open the third Saturday morning of each month, The Country Fair offers a large selection of clothing, small household appliances, and nick knacks at affordable prices.

Cesar Chavez Learning Center Reading Tutors

St. Matthew’s provides volunteers to serve as reading tutors for students at Cesar Chavez Learning Center. Tutors spend a half hour each week with one or two students using a very easily usable curriculum to assist the student with learning to read and comprehend. Interested? Contact Steve Sale at

Food Pantry

Each Thrusday morning for the past ten years St. Matthew’s has been giving bags of food to the needy. Food is collected on the first Sunday of each month and distributed from the Great Hall on the Henderson side of the Cathedral. The Food Pantry provides food for people who have kitchens as well as for people who have no kitchens in which to prepare food. See below for suggestions for each. For more information on the Food Pantry, please contact Robert Wooten at

Suggestions for those with cooking facilities:
Suggestions for those without cooking facilities:
· Bags of rice and bags of beans
· Canned fruit or vegetables
· Canned soup or stews
· Canned meats (tuna, Spam, Vienna sausages)
· Boxed macaroni and cheese or other pasta
· Peanut butter
· Hot and cold cereals
· Juice
· Powdered milk
· Baby food (jars)
· Saltines
· Fruits
· Vegetables
· Beans, pasta (lasagna, ravioli, meatballs, etc.)
· Canned meats (tuna, Spam, Vienna sausages)
· Saltines
Periodic treats:
General use

· Individual pkgs of cookies
· Granola bars
· Nuts

· Plastic spoons
· “Ziplock” plastic bags

Mi Escuelita

The Mi Escuelita Preschool is located on the campus of St. Matthew’s Cathedral. For over 30 years, Mi Escuelita Preschool, Inc. has proudly operated under the principle that all children deserve and require access to a quality education in addition to preventative health, dental, vision, nutritional, speech, and behavioral care.

Mi Escuelita has continuously worked with disadvantaged children of all languages and cultures, exposing them to English language, pre-reading, literacy, math, science, and social skills at an early age. With a low teacher-pupil ratio of 1:9, Mi Escuelita teachers are able to work closely with every child.

For more information about the Mi Escuelita Preschool at St. Matthew’s, please call 214-828-6226 or visit their website at


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