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Seeking the Welfare of the City of Dallas since 1857—Jeremiah 29:7

Our Cathedral Vestry

In the Episcopal Church, our ministry is a shared ministry between clergy and laity, each working according to his or her own gifts and callings to further the ministry of the Body of Christ. The governance of our church is also a shared governance.

This shared governance is fully present at the Parish or local church level. The Rector (Dean) of a Parish (Cathedral) has oversight of the spiritual life of the parish, leading in areas of worship, teaching, faith formation, and other program areas. He also is charged with administering the business of the parish. The Vestry of a parish shares in that spiritual oversight and are sewards of the finances and facilities of the parish. They set and monitor the budget, approve significant expenditures, administer funds, and maintain buildings. The Vestry also works with the Rector on discerning the long-term mission of Christ in their community, communicating regularly about their shared ministry to ensure that it is healthy and faithful.

At St. Matthew’s, our Vestry is comprised of twelve members, four of whom are elected each year for three-year terms. Thus, the membership is constantly rotating, ensuring that all those called to leadership in the parish serve, and that our vision is always as clear as possible and not just the province of a small cadre of people. The Senior Warden chairs Vestry meetings at the invitation of the Dean, and the Vestry is led by an Executive Committee made up of the Dean, Senior Warden, and Junior Warden. They are assisted by the various officers of the Vestry. The Junior Warden oversees property concerns, the Treasurer manages finances, and the Clerk ensures faithful and accurate record keeping. The Treasurer may or may not be an elected member of the Vestry..

Congratulations to the following new Vestry members elected at our Annual Meeting:
Sonia Ayala
Chris Hodge
Valerie Kaiser
Brent Rosenthal

Officers for 2015 are:
The Very Rev. Dr. Neal Michell, Dean and Rector
Brent Rosenthal: Senior Warden 2017
David Pinson, Junior Warden, 2015
Eileen Smith, Clerk
Bob Jones, Treasurer
Tim Mack, Esq., Chancellor

Our current Vestry at St. Matthew’s is listed below. The year after their name is the year during which they will retire from Vestry at the January Annual Meeting.
Barry Pound
David Pinson
Manuel Herrera
Steve Sale

Jennifer Boulanger
Beverly Millard
Randy Staff
David Wallace

Sonia Ayala
Christopher (Chris) Hodge
Valerie Kaiser
Brent Rosenthal

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